Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the most important and the purest sources of renewable energy which cause reduction in environmental pollution because its source is the light emitted by the sun. Since ancient time man has been able to use solar energy for power generation.

Solar Radiation Map

From the map we can notice that the solar radiation on most Arab Countries ranges from 2300 to 3000 kw/m2 It is one of the highest in the world, while European countries such as Germany and Spain where solar energy applications are spread receive only 800 to 1500 kw/m2 Saudi Arabia is the second best source of solar energy after the Atacama Desert in Chile. So, making investment in solar energy is an obvious alternative to burning its precious resource.
Al-Jazera Factory For Engineering Construction Co. Ltd (JAECO) offers a solar energy solutions through a separate section for solar energy products.

(JAECO SOLAR) , which provides the following services:

  • Structural study for the project.
  • Electrical study and conductions for the project.
  • Calculate the redemption period for the project cost.
  • Structure Installation.
  • Follow up the system after installation and operation.
  • Electrical Connections.

Advantages of using solar panels

  • Does not cause any emissions, noise, or any adverse effect on the environment.
  • Panels are easy to install.
  • Avoid the increment of the current and future electricity bills.
  • It can be used in remote locations that are not connected by electric cables.
  • Solar Energy Sustainability.
  • Attractive investment in case of selling the production to the electricity distribution companies.

How to generate power from a networked system

  • The panels absorb sunlight and produce DC electricity.
  • Solar electricity passes through the invertor which converts it to 220 volts AC power.
  • In the case of large on grid stations, an average voltage transformer is used to convert the 11000 or 22000 volt, for example, before connecting to the grid the station owner can use the electricity produced during the day for his personal use.

Connected Stations with The Saudi Electricity Company (ON GRID)

Characteristics of stations connected to the government electricity grid: ON GRID

  • Connected stations are solar systems that generate electricity only when connected to a government power grid (ON GRID).
  • The inverter in this system automatically switches off when the power is off.

Solar Energy System Components

Solar Panels

  • Solar panels are the main component of solar energy systems that generate the electricity.
  • Cells are made from semi-conductive materials such as silicon that absorb sunlight and a glass cover is placed on top of the solar panel to protect the silicon material from external factors and scratching. The panel consists of a group of PV CELLS are interconnected in the system, the cells standard is 15.6 X 15.6 cm.

Types of solar panels

Monocrystalline Silicon

Monocrystalline Silicon

  • • Monolithic panels have a symmetrical appearance indicating the purity of silicon crystals.
  • • Monolayer cells are silicone alloys that have been sliced into strips. The cell edge isn’t contiguous which giving them a distinct appearance.
  • • Its life span is 25 years or more.
Polycrystalline Silicon

Polycrystalline Silicon

  • • Multiple panels in which cells are compact squares.
  • • The default age is 25 years or more.

Thin Film

  • • This type of solar panels is thin and streamlined as it is evident in the picture takes the form the surface which it is installed.
  • • Most of the developments and researches currently under way are based on development in this species because of its smoothness, weight and low thickness.
  • • Valid for many applications such as boat surfaces and transport vehicles.
  • • Its life span is up to 15 years less than its mono and poly counterparts

Effect of Heat on Cells

In general, the panel productivity increases as we head south towards the equator due to increasing angles and intensity of solar radiation. However, the heat effect on cells is negative.

Which is better?

There is no preference between the two types, both have the same qualities:

  • Electricity generation
  • Same temperature effect
  • Same life span


  • Solar cables are the most important components of the system.
  • All solar power cables are made from high quality Tinned Copper.
  • Special insulated cables are used with thermal and water insulation according to technical specifications.
  • Cable diameters is one of the most important elements to have a successful solar system.

Specifications of solar power cables

  • These cables are certified by TUV and UL to be useable in photovoltaic systems.
  • PV cables are designed and insulated with two layers of PVC-free insulation materials for long-term weather protection. PVC cables are not installed in their components in very cold or heat conditions where the insulation or the external protective layer of the BRITTLE, easy exposure to cracks.
  • It bears the extreme temperatures 40 c to 120 c maximum. The maximum degree of turbulence is not related to the temperature of the atmosphere where the exposure of the wires to the direct sunlight must be calculated in addition to the temperature resulting from the current passing through it.
  • UV resistance


The inverter is a device whose function is to transforms the current DC power from the panels or batteries to the AC to operate the home appliance or pumps or connect the solar system to the Saudi Electricity grid.

Inverter protection

Inverter is protected by two main components:

  • Interrupting the batteries and the inverter:
  • This cutter is of utmost importance in the protection of the ignition and the system of fire in case of increasing the current in the cable between the battery and the ignition of the limit due to the use of a thin cable and not appropriate.

  • Intermittent circuit breaker and DC load:
  • Standard AC power cutter is used here to suit the maximum output voltage.

JAECO Maintenance And After Sales Service

JAECO SOLAR aims to provide renewable energy, especially solar energy to the Saudi Arabia’s market by providing high-quality products and various solar energy applications. We provide a complete service of engineering designs, sale, supply, installation and after-sale services of maintenance and modernization of the system.