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Al-Jazera Factory For Engineering Construction Co.Ltd (JAECO) is one of the leading companies in the field of fabrication and manufacturing of steel structure, tanks, and scaffolding. The company is owned by Al Jazera Al Arabia Group of Companies was established in the year 2003, located in Industrial Area, Phase 4, Jeddah-KSA.

Our leading business activities involved in :

Our factory area is 11000 square meter and annual capacity for structural steel is 15000 MT. We have a strong qualified and experience team in Engineering, Fabrication and Management to bring out the best technical results.

JAECO has a wide range of machinery varies between automatic, semi-automatic, and CNC to facilitate production of the steel products with most effective timing. The factory is also equipped with automatic shot blasting and painting equipment to achieve the required treatment and coating system according to international standards and project specifications.

Our goals will be achieved within the bounds of quality work, reliable products, standards,and delivery schedules with customer satisfaction. Our manufacturing facilities is an ISO 9001-2015 accredited and approved by most of the major EPC companies and MODA. The company is specialized to produce quality engineering services for production of Built-up section and structural steel fabrication.

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Technical Features


JASCO PVC Pipes & Fittings are made from high quality raw material that is totally free from heavy metals such as LEAD. It’s completely 100% safe for potable water application and it is environment friendly.
  • • Total heavy metal free.
  • • Hygiene properties meet standard requirements.
  • • Mechanical properties meet standard requirements.
  • • More thermal stability.


Since the main chain of the polymer is made by single bonds of carbon atoms, JASCO PVC Pipes & Fittings has excellent chemical resistance, it is resistant to most solutions of acids, alkalis, salts, and solutions which can be mixed with water.


JASCO PVC Pipes has inherently superior fire retarding properties due to its chlorine
content, even in the absence of fire retardants. The ignition temperature of PVC is as high as
455°C and is a material with less risk for fire incidents since it is not ignited easily.


JASCO PVC Pipes & Fittings are resistant to weathering, chemical rotting, corrosion, shock and abrasion. For durability of products, stabilizers are used in PVC pipes to prevent degradation of the polymer during the extrusion process and storage of the pipes before they are buried in the ground.


JASCO PVC Pipes & Fittings have superior mechanical stability, with high resistance to pressure, it has incredible mechanical stability, which means it won’t deform under pressure, so you can trust it to deliver reliable performance time and time again.


JASCO PVC Pipes & Fittings have great impact strength over their corresponding cast iron or clay pipes, which cut losses arising from the breakage due to mishandling during transportation, installation etc.

Quality Assurance


We are committed to the provision of products and services that are perceived by our customers as consistently meeting or exceeding their needs and expectations This is our Policy Accordingly, we will operate our business using best commercial practices, expert information systems and state of the art technology, all designed to provide our customers with the Highest Quality’ of both products and service.

The goals of our company are to provide a work environment that values integrity and encourage teamwork, innovation, personal and professional growth for all and at all levels of the organization. We will employ the principles of Total Quality Management (T.Q.M) to maintain and continually improve the ‘Quality’ of what we do, and competitively advantage our Company, our customers and all other interested parties associated with us. The management team of Al Jazera recognise that the success of any Quality Initiative is directly depending upon the commitment and leadership of management. Accordingly,the following principles are an integral part of our philosophy and the means by which our Quality Policy will be achieved. We will:

Establish objectives for Quality, together with the measurable necessary for the review and analysis of performance and achievements.

Evaluate the needs and expectations of our customers and seeking customer’s feedback in order to identify opportunities for increasing customer satisfaction on an on-going basis.

Practice a management style that secures the loyalty of all staff and commitment to the objectives of the company.

Be pro-active in business planning, performance measurement, and developing a strategy that will eliminate risk and prevent avoidable errors, assure process capability and optimize the use of resources.

Establish effective links of communication whereby all necessary information is appropriately channeled and accessible.

As far as practicably possible, operate in an environmentally conscious manner that will cause minimum disruption to the society in which we operate and maintain a secure environmental inheritance for future generations.

To achieve this, we are committed to implement and maintain the quality management system based on ISO 9001:2015.


Engineering Department & Skills

We are in the engineering department always be in improvement through the use of the latest engineering programs that help engineers in completing the required work and in reducing the time and thus completion of the projects as per required milestone.

List of the engineering program we have:

Development Of Labor Skills

We always strive to develop the skills of workers through our co ntinuous training and attend some courses and renew their certification test for example, welders in the company where they are the main assets of the company always trained an d experience different and we renew welding certificates promptly by TUV company

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